Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So, a friend wondered in a recent email, how is baseball season going? So far it is going great. My younger son's team has 3 coaches (plus Darling Husband and I who share the "bench coach" role). While the coaches lamented recently that we're 0 for 2 regarding weekly snacks, we are 2 for 2 game-wise, so that's ok.

At least I think we won the last game. Or maybe not. I was too busy keeping little leaguers in the dugout, keeping track of the batting order, providing kleenexes and water bottles, etc. to be absolutely sure. But I shouldn't worry too much about not focusing on watching the game itself: if my son has his way, I will have plenty of time in future games to keep track of the score because apparently I embarrassed him by insisting that the kids cheer on their teammates and so he doesn't want me to oversee the bench anymore. Again and again he's told me in the days since (with overtones of The Donald): "You're fired!"

I suppose it could be worse. Last year my older son banned me from his games for a while because once, when his team was losing and showing a dispirited lack of pep, I told them to "show a little hustle" as they walked from the field to the dugout. I can now go to games again, but I'm not sure he's really forgiven me.

Note: A version of this post is included in the anthology Songs of Ourselves, published by Blue Heron Book Works.

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