Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pop-Tarts (based on the beginning of Allen Ginsberg's "Howl")

I saw the best food in the kitchen destroyed by junk, fattening
....sugary delicious,
transforming itself from wholesomeness for those who rummage
....through the cabinets looking for a sweet fix,
bright-colored concoctions aching for the primeval connection to the
....hungry palate as the sky gets light in the morning,
which affluence and abundance and tempting and luscious sat there waiting in its
....silver foil with the outline of cartoon figures floating across the top
....contemplating popular kid-culture,
which bared its body to the toaster, between red-heated coils and felt heavenly warmth
....melting the insides and crisping the outsides,
which passed through test kitchens and focus groups with radiant packaging for trendsetting mall-
....rife America and the denizens of the elementary schools,
which was expelled from the city restaurants for too many transfats & oozing candy sprinkles
....from the icing-covered surface of the crust,
which tempts, calls out to us, alluring in strawberry or chocolate-flavored coating and
....hiding soft gooey tastiness inside, good to eat a thousand years.

Note: A version of this post is included in the anthology Songs of Ourselves, published by Blue Heron Book Works.

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