Saturday, November 22, 2008

Becoming a Frugalista

My parents came of age during the Great Depression and have remained frugal throughout their lives. They laugh at some of the money-saving ideas that are being touted these days, finding these tips and tricks so obvious that they are hardly worth discussing. But to many of us, the concept of saving money by cutting back on everyday expenses is a fairly new experience. It isn't easy to get the family to cut back, but here are the money-saving activities that my husband and I and our two boys are attempting:
  1. Cooking at home more; ordering-in and eating-out less. This has the added bonus of helping us to eat more healthfully.
  2. Avoiding taxi rides whenever possible and substituting public transportation or walking.
  3. Being more vigilant about turning off lights when we leave the room.
  4. Making my own coffee at home most mornings. And on my (now) rare trips to Starbucks, I save $2 by ordering regular drip coffee instead of a caffe mocha.
  5. Visiting the public library instead of Barnes & Noble to stock up on reading materials, or buying books inexpensively from online resellers.

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