Friday, January 9, 2009

Why are there dirty socks under the couch cushions?

I don't think I ask too much of my kids. Their daily household chores are minimal and mostly involve cleaning up after themselves. After meals and snacks, they need to carry their dirty dishes into the kitchen and dispose of their trash. They must take out the garbage and recyclables once a day. They must keep their room in some semblance of order, putting dirty clothes and towels away, and generally making sure the floor is walk-able. Most other things they do around the house (occasional meal preparation, cleaning and vacuuming) is a chance to earn extra pocket-money.

And yet I find that they constantly cut corners. It's almost as if they think the few things I require are somehow too taxing to bear. Perhaps the most amusing way that my younger son rebels against his assigned tasks is the way that he buries his socks under the couch cushions (or under the couch altogether) rather than carry them the few extra feet into his bedroom. Under normal conditions, I'm pretty good about catching him when he does this. And most of the time, I remember to check around the couch for dirty socks before I do a load of laundry. But occasionally, life gets busy, and it's not until someone (embarrassingly, usually a guest) moves a pillow and finds some of his "presents," that I realize I haven't been very vigilant about the sock issue for a while.

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