Thursday, March 19, 2009

Turn off the TV

I read a recent article about a family trying to go a month without TV with great interest. For years, my kids have been limited to 30 minutes of TV each day (or one TV show) with mixed success. Sometimes I enforce the rule more strictly than other times; sometimes even they get tired of watching TV. I notice that we watch significantly less television at our weekend house, where instead of a big flat screen, we have a tiny tube. My husband and I are generally less busy with our own things there - so we all play board games together in the evenings instead of watching the boob tube.

Many years ago, I punished my older child by making him go 3 months without TV. It was tough at first, but it broke him from what was becoming a terrible habit. I remember it as a wonderful time -- we started to read the Harry Potter series together; but I also remember that I had less time to myself since he relied on me to find something to entertain him.

I've bookmarked a list of TV-free activities and am thinking of eliminating weekday TV in the afternoons and evenings. TV Turnoff Week is coming up next month - I think my family will be participating this year.

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