Thursday, April 23, 2009

Birthday Parties

I love designing theme birthday parties customized to match my children's passions. We've had:
  • a Scooby Doo soiree (we played "Pin the bone on Scooby Doo;" guessed the number of Scooby Snacks in a jar; and handed out Scooby Doo books as favors)
  • a Yu-gi-oh party (guests colored Yu-gi-oh pictures; watched clips of televised duels; played musical chairs to Yu-gi-oh music; participated in a scavenger hunt for Yu-gi-oh themed items; snacked on Yu-gi-oh go-gurts; and of course dueled with their cards)
  • a Scuba-diving bash (refreshments included goldfish crackers, Swedish fish and gummy sharks; the soundtrack included "Yellow Submarine," "Under the Sea," John Denver's "Calypso," and Camille Saint-Saens' "Aquarium")

Of course, as the kids have gotten older, we've also held parties at outside venues that do it all for you. The most successful have been at:

  • Chelsea Piers - This exercise emporium provides a wealth of options. We did a combination of gymnastics and rock-climbing and it was great.
  • ESPN Zone - More than just a Chuck E. Cheese for the older, more sports-oriented set, ESPN Zone has mini batting cages, hockey rinks, bowling alleys, and lots more. We've had two parties here and both worked fine. We like the third floor party area best.
  • Last Licks - You'll know you're someplace special the moment you walk in the door and see the decorated dugout and the variety of sports memorabilia. Party packages can be tailored to your child's favorites, but generally include make-your-own sundae, pizza, sports-related crafts, and goody bags.

(For a useful list of NYC birthday party venue's see The NYC Insider's list of Best Birthday Parties.)

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