Monday, April 27, 2009

Walk With Me

Prevention magazine has named New York City one of it's top 10 walking cities (along with some of my other favorite metropolises like San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia and Honolulu). This celebration of the pedestrian life has always been a joy for me. I love to walk and I hate to drive, so living here in NY is perfect. Whether it is window-shopping along Madison Avenue or seeing what's in bloom in Central Park's Conservatory Garden, I'm always up for a jaunt outside. Other favorites: the west side greenway, especially down around Battery Park; the East River boardwalk near Gracie Mansion; the youthful excitement surrounding NYU in the Village; the Japanese Cherry arboretum in Brooklyn; Wave Hill way uptown.

When my kids were little, I used almost any excuse to strap them into the stroller and go for a walk (and of course when they were very little, using the Baby Bjorn was even better!). In those days of constant nursing, diapering, etc., a vigorous walk was almost always the highlight of my day.

Even when I was a child, I liked to walk. Sunday afternoon rambles through the fields and woods that surrounded our house were a favorite activity. And as I grew older, the power of my peds gave me freedom to see my friends and explore my independence.

So I find it amazing that my kids don't like to walk more. They want to take the bus (or, gasp! taxis!) everywhere, even when walking will save us time (and money0. My older son could easily walk to school in 20 minutes - but he leaves even earlier each morning to make sure that he catches the bus on time. My younger son could enjoy a delightful route through Central Park to and from school, but he mostly chooses not to. Looks like leading by example isn't working out on this one!

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