Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Candy Stash

My younger son loves candy. Or at least he likes the idea of loving candy. He uses a significant portion of his allowance to buy sweets by the pound at our local confectioner. And then after he tastes a few pieces, he hoards it. Whenever the occasion calls for an abundance of candy -- be it Halloween, Easter, or a birthday party pinata -- my son is right there getting his fair share. And he attacks his goodies with gusto. But then he gets full and he stops. He packs up his leftover candy in a plastic bag with his name and puts it away for later. And there it sits... and sits... and sits. Occasionally, if he remembers, he'll dip into the bag for a treat. But mostly, he forgets about it.

I work at home and I have a passion for chocolate, so his sweets sometimes call to me from the kitchen. I do my best to avoid the temptation of eating my child's candy... but it isn't easy.

My son frequently adds to his candy stash and so the treats accumulate until finally I can stand it no more and I threaten to throw it away. This happens particularly when another candy-occasion looms in the immediate future. So my son will choose to gobble down a few favorites, the rest will go into the trash. Within days, he'll have a new stash and the cycle continues...

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