Friday, September 18, 2009

Here's a listing of the various roles I play as mother and wife:

A. alarm clock, advisor, and all-around gal Friday
B. babysitter, bookkeeper, business partner
C. chauffeur, chef, confidante, coach
D. dishwasher, DJ
E. editor, executive, emcee
F. friend
G. go-getter
H. handyman, housekeeper
I. interior designer
J. jack-of-all-trades
K. Kris Kringle
L. lover, laundress
M. mother, maid
N. navigator, nurse, nutritionist
O. organizer
P. party planner, personal shopper
Q. queen of quality control
R. referee, researcher, runner
S. stylist, short-order cook
T. teacher, tutor, team mom
U. uber-everything
V. vacation-planner
W. writer, wife, waitress
X. x-mas elf
Y. yeoman
Z. zipper-fixer

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