Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Life List AKA "Bucket List"

I've always liked the idea of creating lists of things you hope to accomplish. Here's mine:
  1. Go back to Hawaii.
  2. Visit Florence.
  3. See Athens
  4. Go on an African safari.
  5. Travel to Egypt.
  6. Explore the Holy Land.
  7. Publish my WWII book.
  8. Have something published in the NY Times.
  9. Finish a novel.
  10. Pen a prize-winning short story (“Senior Class Prank” received an honorable mention from the Creative Writing Institute).
  11. Write a poem I'm proud of (2 published in Songs of Ourselves; 1 published in Frightening).
  12. Finish the NY Marathon in less than 5 hours (2 attempts: finished in 6 hours in 2008; trained harder in 2011 and still only finished in 5:49).
  13. Run the Fifth Avenue Mile in 9 minutes or less.
  14. Complete a 1/2 marathon in each of the 5 boroughs (have done 3 in Manhattan; ran Brooklyn in May 2014 and Staten Island in October 2014).
  15. Run 1,000 miles in one year (completed in 2011).
  16. Bike ride over the George Washington Bridge.
  17. Take a Century ride.
  18. Go zip-lining.
  19. Go hot-air ballooning.
  20. Earn a black belt in martial arts.
  21. Reach my weight goal of 110 and stay there.
  22. Smile a white smile.
  23. Lose the bags under my eyes.
  24. Learn to paint well enough to hang my work on the wall.
  25. Bake bread.
  26. Grow an herb garden.
  27. Make my own pesto (enjoyed a week of various home-made pesto dishes September 2014).
  28. Make some hummus (made classic hummus from scratch--plus several variations--October 2014).
  29. Learn to play the piano.
  30. Become fluent in a foreign language (French or Italian).
  31. Wear an original Chanel fashion piece (bought a pair of black satin Chanel pumps August 2017).
  32. Row a boat in the Central Park lake.
  33. See another Shakespeare in the Park performance.
  34. Still be in love and holding hands when I'm in my 80s.

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