Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Football Fan

Both of my sons are playing tackle football for the second year this fall. I find that as a NYC mom, I must be somewhat defensive of my decision to let them do this. Other parents look at me and ask, in a sort of smarmy and superior tone, "Really? You're ok with that?"

The truth is, that at this age, tackle football is statistically safer than many other sports, including soccer. The helmets and padding help with this of course, as does the increased attention to training and safety issues: my kids practice 3-4 times each week. They learn how to fall gracefully, how to tackle and block safely (for example, no hits from the back, no grabbing the shoulder pads), and the importance of good equipment (mouth guards and athletic supporters are a must).

The physical conditioning, commitment, and discipline that football offers my children is at a much higher level than any other sport. And the camaraderie and team fellowship that comes from practicing and playing with their teammates four days a week is unparalleled. So yes, I am ok with my kids playing tackle football - you got a problem with that?

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