Thursday, January 21, 2010

No Heat

My brother-in-law likes to be frugal. He sees it as a kind of game and enjoys getting his money's worth in any and all situations. I generally have no problem with that. In fact, I like a bargain as much as anyone else (just ask my kids, who make fun of me for my love of a good sale).

Buy the large popcorn at the movies and then go back for the free refill? Ok, I can't possibly eat that much myself, but I understand that the discomfort he must feel from gorging himself is assuaged by the joy in paying less per kernel of popcorn consumed than anyone else in the movie theater. Ditto for all those all-you-can eat dinner deals that he loves.

Use a compactor to consolidate trash, sometimes to the point that the bag is impossibly heavy? Ok, I know that he pays on a per bag basis, not a per pound basis.

Buy the cheapest champagne possible for New Year's Eve? Ok, it's only a family celebration after all, so there's no need to impress anyone. And since the Andre brand sure takes me back to my youth is a kitschy kind of way.

But I draw the line at not heating the house when you have overnight guests. Southern California it may be, but winter temps still get down to the forties at night in the hills of the desert. If you have to have a heated mattress pad to make getting into bed possible at night, then your house is just too cold!

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