Thursday, February 11, 2010

Complaint Box

I feel for kids with intensive food allergies, I really do. But I don't see why I should have to struggle to accomodate them at every level at every opportunity.

Over the weekend, my 3rd grader hosted a flag football party with kids from his school. Included among the kids invited was a child with dairy allergies. Ok fine. I had indicated clearly in the invitation that we would be serving pizza and cupcakes after the game. I did this so anyone who didn't want to eat the main items that would be served (for whatever reasons) could make their own arrangements. I also served carrot sticks and fruit (plus assorted chips and dips) assuming that at least fresh produce would probably be ok for everyone.

About a half hour before the party was to begin, a parent called asking that I be sure to order cheese-less pizza for his child. I let the machine answer and ignored the request. The invitation had gone out two weeks in advance. The night before the party, I had spent upwards of 4 hours with this very parent at another party -- and in all this time, no mention of his special request??? He had to wait until the last moment???

So when we met up at the football field, he asked me about the pizza. I told him I had ordered in advance and no, I hadn't changed my order because of his last minute request. So you know what he did? He pulled out his cellphone and ordered a large cheese-less pizza to be delivered along with the others I ordered. I didn't know about this, of course, and was surprised when the extra pizza showed up (which I then had to pay for). Have you ever heard of such nerve???

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