Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Better Late?

What is it with tardiness lately?  I'm hardly a stickler for being on time, but when a playdate started 45 minutes late this morning, I was appalled.  We met at a playground, that is popular, but perhaps more suited to toddlers than pre-teens, so basically, my son and I were waiting around doing not much of anything for three quarters of an hour.  At 8, my son is old enough that the thrill of just being at a playground is hardly enough - he wanted to be playing with his buddy!  What surprised me more than anything, was that I called when we arrived to let my son's friends know exactly where to meet us, and there was no mention of "oh, we haven't left yet!"  Adding insult to injury was that if I had known we were going to have to wait so long, I would have stopped and gotten coffee (which I badly needed).  When they finally arrived, there wasn 't even an apology!

This afternoon's playdate wasn't quite as bad - at least we were home and so weren't inconvenienced so much (and there was an apology, although not a phone call in advance to let us know they were running late).  But cutting 30 minutes out of a 2 hour playdate is significant - and my son felt cheated.

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