Saturday, June 26, 2010

Class Song

I am constantly impressed with the creativity of the teaching in my children's schools.  For example, while I remember the third grade as a time when my classmates and I sat diligently at our desks, arranged neatly in rows, and completed math work on little cards ranged by difficulty (you'd get up and get one from a box on a table at the side of the room, work on it for a few minutes, finish it, replace it in the box, and get the next one -- and yes it was as tedious as it sounds), my third-grade son learns in an active, collaborative environment.  As part of a unit on the myths of ancient Greece and Rome, the class wrote and performed in an opera about Orpheo and Agriophe.  When they studied the countries of Africa, they made presentations to a mock United Nations that explained their country's history and potential contribution to the world.  And most recently, as part of a writing assignment, they wrote these lyrics to celebrate their accomplishments for the year:

We learned about Mexico, Africa and animals;
We learned abut fractions, percentages and decimals.

We made African masks
We drank Japanese tea
We went to the Met
And had Field Day, weeee....

We are awesome!
We are great!
We are class 3-118!
We had so much fun with our classmates!

We played wall ball with glee
We wrote an opera about Orpheo & Agriophe, yea...


Third grade's over
And we feel sad
but also excited
because summer's not so bad...


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