Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I'm always looking for ways to loose weight.  I love to eat (especially sweets!) and hubby and I both love to indulge in an (at least) weekly bottle of wine.  I run (and am training for the NYC Marathon) but somehow it still isn't enough to lose all the weight I gained after bearing two children and working at home (just steps from a well-stocked fridge and pantry) for 9 years.  I'm listing some tips I recently saw on the Redbook web site - not because they are new to me, but because this seems to be a good place to remind myself that I can do these little things on a regular basis:
  1. Don't overdo calorie cutting (less than 1200 calories/day makes your body think you're starving and your metabolism sinks like a stone).
  2. Eat breakfast (yup, it really is the most important meal of the day - your metabolism doesn't rev back up until you eat again).
  3. Pile on the protein (not quite to the Atkins level, but making protein part of every meal and snack makes your body work harder).
  4. Nibble all day (lots of little meals speed up your metabolism, plus you won't gorge because you won't be hungry).
  5. Go for "good" carbs (sugars and "white foods" raise insulin levels which promotes fat storage and slows down metabolism).
  6. Limit alcohol (extra calories plus lower inhibitions leads to over indulging).
  7. Drink milk (and eat yogurt, etc. because calcium pushes up your metabolism).
  8. Go for spicy foods (again, they seem to boost your metabolism, plus you don't need to eat as much flavorful food to feel satisfied).
  9. Pump iron to pump up your resting metabolism rate.
  10. Add interval training (like sprints) to speed up your metabolism.
  11. Slice workouts into smaller sessions (like running in the am and walking in the pm).
  12. Don't let your period slow you down.
  13. Get plenty of rest.
  14. Don't let yourself get too stressed.

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