Thursday, September 23, 2010


Worries regarding both the older and younger generation today.

First the kids: both were reprimanded and punished for minor infractions of their school's rules.  The younger ran around the cafeteria after someone who teasingly took a friend's lunch; the older got caught with his cellphone out during class.  In both cases, I figured the school punishment was sufficient and so didn't add any home misery to their lives.  But was that the right thing to do?  Should I be working harder to enforce school rules?  Does it matter that their intent was good (the younger to help a friend; the older to turn off his phone)?

And my dad: now on his way to the hospital because of bleeding in his brain, as a result of a fall on 9/11.  So why are my siblings and I just hearing about this from my mom today?  Why are my folks so worried about telling us when something is amiss?  Do we really need to put a happy face on everything?  Does pretending nothing is wrong ever really work?

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