Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Moral Self-Image

The Science section of today's New York Times featured the article "Why All Indescretions Appear Youthful" which describes how people "subconsciously maintain and massage their moral self-image." While this piece deals primarily with the issues of time - how past indiscretions are seen as vestiges of long ago while triumphs are seen as having occurred recently (and the future always looks rosy) - it has made me think about how my mom can justify the thought of putting my dad in a nursing home even when my sister has offered the option of home care. And apparently it is this: even though she knows that being in a nursing home is full of indignities and is the last thing he would have ever wanted, my mom has convinced herself that it is a sign of her true love because the proposed nursing home would be closer to her condo and therefore it will be easier for her to see him often.

Of course as of the news last night that he is failing fast, this may all be a moot point. I am on a fast train headed for Boston now and hope that I don't miss him. But it is just like my dad to take matters into his own hands and do this his own way.

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