Saturday, October 30, 2010

What I Wear - Jewelry

Here is Part III of my clothing and accessories inventory:

  1. Mikimoto pearl necklace
  2. extra long strand of faux pearls from Ross-Simons
  3. Boys-in-baseball caps gold necklace
  4. gold serpentine chain
  5. cz diamond solitaire pendant on gold chain
  6. gold hinged choker from J. Crew
  7. gold and shell statement necklace
  8. mixed media statement necklace from SoftSurroundings
  9. aquamarine chunky stone statement necklace
  10. 4-tier turquoise/blue and gold statement necklace
  11. turquoise/green/blue resin bead necklace (with earrings)
  12. turquoise and blue glass necklace
  13. blue Faberge egg on gold chain from Russia
  14. blue and white china fragment pendant necklace
  15. blue-and-white china beads
  16. blue beach glass bead necklace (with matching earrings)
  17. cobalt blue/flame/brass statement necklace from J. Crew
  18. cobalt blue glass and gold beads on black chain from MetMuseum
  19. sodalite/pearl pendant on black strap from MetMuseum
  20. navy/gold cabochon mesh necklace 
  21. blue-ish purple agate slice pendent
  22. garnet grape-cluster pendant
  23. gold chain with pink beads
  24. pale pink quartz pendant on brown waxed cord from J. Jill
  25. red/pink beads on brown waxed cord from J. Jill
  26. red festive red bead/gold chain necklace from Coldwater Creek
  27. coral and gold starfish necklace (with matching bracelet) from Talbots
  28. single pearl on gold chain
  29. silver unicorn on silver chain
  30. silver tassel pendent on silver/crystal chain
  31. antiqued silver cluster necklace (with matching bracelet and earrings) from J. Jill
  32. antiqued pendant/green stone circular pendant/rectangular gold pendant on black leather strap
  33. black/blue jeweled necklace from J. Crew
  34. black enamel and crystal long necklace from Ann Taylor
  35. black statement necklace with resin/crystal flowers from Talbots
  36. black cameo/locket long necklace
  37. Janna Conner black striped agate and gold fringe necklace 
  38. skull and snake multi-charm long necklace from Vanessa Mooney
  1. RachelReinhardt turquoise and cobalt charm bracelet
  2. JannaConner blue druzy multi strand chain 'Harper' bracelet
  3. Antalya bracelet (gold with inset stones) from SoftSurroundings
  4. grand bazaar bracelet from SoftSurroundings
  5. chunky multi-stone gold charm bracelet from Banana Republic
  6. gold locket charm bracelet
  7. red/silver bead bracelet
  8. purple cloisonne bangle
  9. 2 gold bangles
  10. set of 2 Alex and Ani gold bangles
  11. set of 2 crystal-on-gold-wire bracelets
  12. gold and rhinestone link bracelet from Ann Taylor
  13. shiny gold bracelet with rhinestones from Banana Republic
  14. gold bracelet with poodle charm from Betsey Johnson
  15. gold elephant caravan from Coldwater Creek
  16. ivory and gold elephant charm bracelet from Talbots
  17. coral and gold starfish charm bracelet (with matching necklace) from Talbots
  18. set of 2 cobalt resin bangles
  19. set of 3 peacock bangle bracelets
  20. set of 2 green Indian wooden bangles
  21. zebra bangle
  22. leopard bangle
  23. brown leather and gold wrap bracelet from Sara Campbell
  24. black leather and rhinestone bangle from Ann Taylor
  25. rhinestone stretch bracelet from J. Crew
  26. silver David Yurman-style bracelet
  27. silver bangles
  28. antiqued silver cluster bracelet (with matching necklace and earrings) from J. Jill
  29. silver "land & sea" charm bracelet from J. Jill
  30. set of three blue-ish beaded bracelets with silver elephant charms from J. Jill
  1. Mikomoto pearl studs
  2. gold love-knot posts from Bloomingdale's
  3. ivory and gold button earrings from Bloomingdale's
  4. mabe pearl and gold earrings from Bloomingdale's
  5. black, pearl, cz drops in sterling from Ross-Simons
  6. gold hoops w/black and clear cz gems from Ross-Simons
  7. black and white striped agate teardrop earrings from Janna Conner
  8. black globes on gold hoops from MetMuseum
  9. gold-plated drop earrings from Giani Bernini
  10. gold ball drop earrings  from Lands End
  11. gold nugget drop earrings from Chico's
  12. gold double-arrow earrings from Rebecca Minkoff
  13. gold link drops with marcasite rings from SoftSurroundings
  14. gold needle drops with rhinestone from Bloomingdale's*
  15. blue bead and rhinestone tassel earrings from Sara Campbell
  16. RachelReinhardt lapis and gold dangling earrings 
  17. lapis and turquoise earrings from Janna Conner
  18. lapis and amethyst bead earrings
  19. blue beach glass bead earrings (with matching necklace)
  20. blue-and-white china bead earrings
  21. light blue stone earrings*
  22. sodalite ball studs
  23. sodalite and silver cluster earrings
  24. amethyst/pearl drops from Ross-Simons
  25. purple druzy gold-plated stud earrings
  26. garnet bead earrings
  27. garnet chandelier earrings from Banana Republic
  28. red heart/brass bead earrings from Coldwater Creek
  29. red/gold drop earrings
  30. red glass bead drop earrings
  31. pink quartz hoop earrings from Lands End
  32. pink quartz faceted tear drop earrings from J. Jill
  33. bright pink and gold earrings from Lands End
  34. bright pink and green earrings from SoftSurroundings
  35. turquoise triangle earrings
  36. turquoise/pearl/gold statement earrings from Talbots
  37. turquoise rectangular resin earrings (with matching necklace)
  38. yellow quartz drop earrings
  39. pearl and rhinestone wire drop earrings from Chico's
  40. rhinestone studs from Bloomingdale's
  41. crystal chandelier earrings from SoftSurroundings
  42. crystal/starfish/shell statement earrings from Talbots
  43. silver disk (fish lure) earrings
  44. silver hoops with various semiprecious stone dangles
  45. antiqued silver cluster earrings (with matching bracelet and necklace) from J. Jill
  46. Jets earrings
  47. wine glass earrings
  48. crystal snowman earrings
  49. tortoise shell disk earrings
  1. wedding band and engagement ring
  2. Janna Conner agate ring
  3. Janna Conner large purple stone ring
  4. Jardin gold purple/green stone ring 
  5. Gorjana lapis/blue sandstone cluster statement ring
  6. black jade/pearl ring from Ross-Simons
  7. black enamel ring from Banana Republic
  8. aquamarine ring from Banana Republic
  9. turquoise cocktail ring from Talbots
  10. cobalt lucite ring
  11. pink tourmaline ring
  12. pink druzy gold-plated solitaire ring
  13. gold split ring from J. Crew
  14. set of 4 stacking rings with large clear stones from Banana Republic
  15. set of 3 gold rings with multi-color stones from Ann Taylor
  16. bronze/brown stone cocktail ring from Ann Taylor
  17. red/gold glass ring
  18. sterling silver toe ring from Ross-Simons
  1. Art Deco-style Kai-Yin Lo pin
  2. silver/black/diamond collar pin
  3. turquoise-sapphire Maltese cross brooch
  4. turquoise seahorse pin from Talbots
  5. blue mosaic pin
  6. grandma's bold amethyst circle pin
  7. subtle amethyst/pearl circle pin
  8. pearl circle pin
  9. gold and pearl collar pin
  10. g-clef stick pin
  11. heart stick pin
  12. hand-painted heart pin
  13. starburst rhinestone pin
  14. sterling leaf pin
  15. silver swirl pin
  16. marcasite dragonfly pin
  17. mauve mohair flower from J. Jill
  18. pink flower from Spiegel
  19. city w/ufo pin
  20. owl pin from Banana Republic#
  21. scary-cat gold pin
  22. santa claus pin
  23. nativity scene pin
  24. rabbit pin
  25. peacock feather pin#
  26. gold dragon brooch
  1. black Movado with leather band
  2. cordovan leather band oval face watch
  3. pink grosgrain band watch from Spiegel
  4. navy rubber watch from Spiegel
  5. Swatch
Cuff Links/Charms/ear cuff
  1. gold rectangular cuff links
  2. rhinestone cuff links
  3. oval Queen Victoria charm
  4. white opal charm
  5. pink cluster charm from J. Jill
  6. small gold ear cuff

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