Monday, November 15, 2010

25 Random Facts About Me

  1. My favorite color is blue.
  2. I have a twin sister.
  3. I collect blue and white porcelain.
  4. I own 65 pairs of shoes.
  5. I've had grey hairs since I was 25.
  6. I am writing a novel about a hostage situation.
  7. I love all kinds of chocolate.
  8. I didn't become addicted to coffee until I started running regularly.
  9. My favorite Starbucks drink is a tall skim lite-whip mocha.
  10. My fingers and toes get cold easily.
  11. I like to cook.
  12. I've lived in NYC since 1989.
  13. My childhood dog was a cocker spaniel.
  14. At one time or another, I played clarinet, oboe, flute, saxophone and violin.
  15. I love to sing.
  16. My favorite museum is the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  17. I ran the NYC marathon in 2008.
  18. My first job after college was in Bloomingdale's training program.
  19. I am always trying to lose weight.
  20. I like red lipstick.
  21. I could sleep for days.
  22. I hate to vacuum and to empty the dishwasher.
  23. I watch What Not to Wear whenever I can.
  24. DH and I loved watching Lost together - and we have yet to find a new show to replace it in our hearts.
  25. I can't wait for the new Harry Potter movie.

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