Monday, November 22, 2010

Migraines and Headaches

My younger son suffers from headaches.  This is a fairly recent phenomenon of the last two years or so, but still... it seems unusual for an elementary school child to be plagued by the types of stress that so often cause this malady.

We've had his vision tested; I've taken him to a sinus specialist; and I make sure he drinks plenty of water so that he is not dehydrated.  None of these possible causes seem to be at the root of the problem.  My husband gets occasional migraines - could genetics be the cause?  No one seems to know.

He's not in unbearable pain, but he does suffer some discomfort and is home from school today.  And so I worry...

Update: I'm going to use this space to collect info about migraines.

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Anonymous said...

I recommend having him checked out by a chiropractor. He may have a vertebral subluxation. My hubby is a chiropractor and I have also worked with him and have seen many cases like yours. Hope this will help your little one.