Wednesday, January 12, 2011

NYC Kids and NYC Dogs

My teenage son was bit by a dog.  The incident was serious enough that I took him to the doctor to be checked out.  Thankfully, the thick fabric of his jeans saved him from any serious injury and he had had a recent tetanus shot, so he was ok.

The most upsetting thing about the whole thing was the way that the dog's owner reacted.  She completely denied that her yapping pooch had tried to take a chunk out of my son's leg.  When he and his friends insisted, she picked up her dog and ran away.  My son reported the situation to his school (he had been out on lunch break at the time it occurred), and they, in return, alerted me and the NYPD.

To their credit, the police officers followed up by phone several days later to make sure all was ok.  If it appeared that the dog was rabid or we had known about multiple occurances, they would have worked to find the dog (the kids took phone photos of the dog and its cowardly owner) and have it destroyed. 

Some time later, my husband was in Central Park on a Saturday morning with the baseball team he coaches.  The fields weren't open yet, so the kids were playing in a grassy area ajacent to the Great Lawn.  Out of nowhere, a man appeared ranting about how the area was for dogs only and the kids had to leave.  My husband noted that there was no signage indicating that this was a dog run, which the man acknowledged, saying that the dog-only use was traditional at this time of day, and insisted that the kids had to leave.  How ridiculous!  By his manner and his use of foul language (even once he was reminded that he was ranting in front of young, sensitive ears!), he was clearly in some sort of insane rage, so the team left to practice elsewhere. 

Of course the problem in both cases is the owner.  Kids and dogs generally have an affinity for one another -- but curiously, these canines seem not to be encouraged to be playful and fun with kids.

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