Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Goodbye Fran

My sister called me today with news that her friend Fran had passed away suddenly from a stroke, which appears to be the result of dehydration brought on from meds she was taking for intestinal trouble.  She had been at lunch when the stroke started; by the next day she was dead.  Fran leaves behind a loving husband, grown children, and a grandchild she adored who is probably too young to remember her.  She was a good friend and a fantastic writer.

My sister has taken the loss of her friend hard.  Part of it is losing a peer - although she and I faced the death of our grandmothers and more recently, our dad, these were elderly people who had had time to prepare for old age and inevitable mortality.  And part of it is facing the idea that the grim reaper can strike at any time -- we do not know the day or the hour -- and so we may not have as much time as we think to achieve our hopes and dreams.  When we were growing up, tomorrow was always another day, and so it is  kind of hard to accept that maybe, it won't be.

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