Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Making Time for Friends

My older son has always gone to school in the neighborhood.  Both his elementary school and middle school were well within walking distance from our apartment, and the high school he will attend next year is also.  When he was younger, it was easy for him to play with friends after school -- we'd simply head out to the schoolyard where everyone gathered for pick-up games and such.  Now that he can travel around by himself, it is easy for him to visit friends who live nearby.

My younger son has a different situation.  His school is across town and he goes back and forth by school bus every day.  Setting up playdates for him is a bit more complicated, and involves some planning and traveling on my part.  So despite my best intentions, it doesn't happen as often.  I try to make sure he gets to hang out with one of his friends at least once a week, but to be honest, he probably averages every other week at best.  True, he attends an after school sports program at his his school every Thursday to make sure he gets some face time with friends -- but that only includes a few other kids he likes to hang out with.

I also have to make an effort for myself to make sure I have time with friends.  I feel a little guilty when I go to lunch or a museum with a girlfriend -- it is an indulgence to be sure.  But it is a necessary one -- and something I need to continue to make a priority.

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