Saturday, July 9, 2011

Get Your Game On!

You can tell a lot about people by how they play a game.  The extremely competitive try forcefully to win, the laid-back remain relaxed about the whole thing, and those with an unethical streak invariably show their colors.

I was reminded of this last weekend during a family game of Monopoly.  Our family typically relies heavily on negotiations to make the game move along.  I've been impressed with the range of imaginative ideas that have come up.  Our trades involve money and property, of course, but also future rents, "get out of jail free" cards, loans, and even promises not to sell a specific property to another player. 

But there has always been a sense of fairness.  Is there some degree of the losers teaming up against the likely winner?  Sure, but never in a shady way.  And a deal is always a deal -- there is never any question that someone will keep their word... until we played with an uncle who tried to get someone to renege on a promise that he didn't like.  I was appalled -- this is the example he was providing to his nephews??  So sad.

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