Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pizza Pie

My father's mother loved to tell the story about the first time she ever had pizza.  Bear in mind that this was a woman who loved food, especially desserts (when she planned a dinner party, she started with the dessert and worked back from there; in her later years, after she lost most of her sense of taste -- and most of her teeth -- she loved Twinkies and Little Debbie snack cakes).  She also had an adventurous streak -- she traveled to Puerto Rico by herself when she was about 20 years old and taught school there.  She went around the world for the first time -- alone -- when she was 80.  Anyway, she went out to an Italian place, had a pasta dinner and then ordered pizza pie for dessert, not knowing what it really was.  She loved to tell about the big surprise she got when it was delivered to her table!

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