Sunday, August 7, 2011

Where to Go on Vacation

Our family took a vacation in Montauk last month -- the perfect beach vacation spot, or so my husband and I thought.  It was very low key.  The first day was cool and foggy (and, remarkably, about 20 degrees cooler than it was in NYC) and we didn't do much more than take a walk on the beach and go out for dinner at a restaurants on the docks.  Most other days were spent relaxing on the beach.  The most energetic we got was fishing for fluke (I caught one!).

Turns out, this is not my kids' favorite kind of vacation.  They are not really beach lovers and weren't crazy about hanging out at the hotel pool, either.  In fact, much as they do at home, they spent a fair amount of time inside, reading, surfing and texting.

So later, we talked about what would make an ideal vacation in their opinion.  I know from past experiences that they aren't big fans of city vacations, as I am.  In the past, we've been to Toronto, London, Madrid -- and I've loved them all -- the restaurants, sightseeing, museums, everything.  One of my favorite trips of all times was to Paris.  And although I loved everything about our Australia trip, Sydney outweighed the Red Center and our beach resort, in my mind.  Seeing Athens and Florence will always be high on my life list.  Their response is that we live in a city, so visiting another one really isn't special to them.

They hold our trip to Yellowstone as the ultimate vacation.  But while I'm a big fan of National Parks, I'd rather have a much more active trip than that vacation turned out to be.  My recollection is that we spent a good portion of each day in the car -- one of my least favorite places to be.  If we did more hiking (but no camping - good hotels and gourmet meals only!), I might have liked it better.  And sadly, no one else in the family seems to like my idea of biking through Tuscany (with a van that carries our gear from high-end hotel to high-end hotel).

The one vacation we can all agree on?  An African safari.  It will be expensive -- but at least we will all be looking forward to it!

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