Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Rex Ryan's Book

My family loves the NY Jets.  My younger son wears a Jets baseball cap every single day.  He's gone through several as he's grown, but it has to be a Jets cap.  My husband owns all kinds of Jet's paraphernalia: t-shirts, sweatshirt, sweatpants, hats, socks, boxers.  We watch all the games, on TV if we must, in person when we can.

So it is hardly surprising that this Mother's Day, I received a copy of Rex Ryan's new autobiography from my husband and kids (of course I had already purchased a copy for my husband as a Father's Day gift, but I returned it, figuring we didn't need two copies in the house).  I was in the midst of another book when it arrived, so when my husband asked to read it first, I agreed.  I took it on vacation a month or so later, and both my boys read it before I got a chance to pick it up.  I'm about halfway through it now, but just had a request to lend it to my son's teacher (who reportedly "few in love with Rex Ryan" when she watched "Hard Knocks").  Of course I'll lend it to her... and some day I might get a chance to finish it myself!

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