Thursday, December 1, 2011

Go Bag

An article about "go-bags" in today's New York Times reminded me that some years ago, in advance of visits to my parents huge but very cluttered wooden house, I sometimes had dreams that the house was on fire.  I'd quickly rescue my two young children, and then my father.  But I always had trouble getting my mother out of the house.  She was so attached to all her possessions that she couldn't decide what to take with her, and as she dithered, I argued that time was short, that we had to leave, that it wasn't safe, but she remained, stubbornly considering which of her many treasures she loved most.

So what would I take with me in an emergency?  Other than my family, I think my top priority would be my wallet and my i-phone.  Cash and credit cards would go a long way to helping us manage if we were suddenly homeless, and having had my ID stolen a couple of times, I know how useful that can be, too.  And my phone has all the contact info I'd need to summon help.

Of course in a post-apocalyptic world, none of this would matter.  But then, I think nothing I could easily carry with me would, and so why plan or worry?

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