Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 and 2011 Fashion Trends

As I get older, I am find I like to pick and choose from the fashion trends, paying attention to what suits my body type and my taste, and staying away from things that feel too "young" for me.  So here is my reaction to Lucky magazine's top trends.

For 2012, Lucky predicts that I'll want to own:

1. Something orange.  And this might, in fact, be true.  A couple of seasons ago, I bought a great orange and pink color-blocked tote.  I also bought orange peep toe wedges (which, sadly, I wore out), orange patent flip flops, a dramatic orange necklace, and an orange belt.  I will probably continue to wear all of these.  And maybe I'll buy one or two more orange items.  But I am most likely to buy accessories that add a pop of color, rather than something like the in-your-face orange coat Lucky featured.
2. A peplum skirt.  Hmmm... not sure that this is for me.  I like a peplum jacket for the way it nips in at the waist and then eases over my more substantial hips, but the picture Lucky shows of the peplum skirt makes it seem like it would emphasize my hips.
3. Gold nail polish.  No question here - sounds fun, inexpensive, and worth a try.
4. The little white dress.  This is a big question mark.  I just divested myself of two white dresses -- I didn't find them flattering -- either too sweet or too frumpy.  And now that I don't tan like I used to, the contrast of wearing white after a day at the beach has lost some of its appeal.
5. A mesh top.  Nope, this isn't for me.  I don't even really like mesh golf shirts (when the mesh serves a function) so I don't think I'll go for it as a fashion statement.
6. Pastel blazer.  I don't see this either -- at my age, pastels look for geriatric than youthful.  And since the example looks like a boyfriend jacket from the 80s, I definitely want to avoid the trends of my youth.
7. Woven clutch.  Yup.  Love it.
8. Shorts suit.  Oh God, no!
9. Wedges.  Yes, yes, yes!
10. Flapper frock.  I love the look and would love to be able to wear it, but alas, it doesn't suit my figure -- you need to be tall and lean for a drop waist.

These are Lucky's standouts from 2011:

1. Crazy nails.  I was definitely too old and out of style for this craze.
2. Lace.  Loved it then and now.
3. Blouses.  Ditto.
4. The lwd.  See #4 above.
5. Brights.  Have always loved them and probably always will.
6. Kate Middleton.  I certainly hope she's here to stay!
7. Prints. Restrained pairings (where one pattern is the star and the others play supporting roles) yes; wild and crazy mix-and-matches no.
8. Glitter.  I'm not 8, so this is definitely not for me.
9. Tomboy. I like that casual, insouciant look, but have never been able to carry it off.
10. French girl style. While I'm not a fan of berets, I do know how to tie a scarf!  And I love smart, simple, elegant clothes.

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