Monday, March 19, 2012

Color is Key

When my boys were younger and shared a room, I needed a way to organize as many of their possessions as possible, so that they were easy to identify, especially in the hectic mornings when we were all trying to get out the door in a hurry.  I settled on using their favorite colors (my older son preferred red; my younger son liked blue) as a way to distinguish who owned what.

For example, each boy had a backpack and lunchbox in his “color,” which made it easy for him to grab the right one.  I followed a similar strategy for winter hats, gloves and scarves (and when possible, for jackets and sweatshirts).

They shared a bedroom with a patriotic red/white/blue theme, making it easy to carry over the color-coded identification system for bed linens, blankets and the like.  And by color-coding their homework supplies (such as pencils, pens, and scissors), I helped them avoid many arguments about whose stuff needed to be put away.

I even carried the color-coding system into my own filing cabinet, where the folders for each child’s school papers and health forms, etc. were in his own color.

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