Monday, May 7, 2012

Learning the Letters

When my boys were little, walking to and from pre-school was a major event in the day.  There was so much to do: stand and watch the MetroNorth trains from the overpass at 97th Street, hoping that the conductors would pull the train whistle for us; stop for an icy from one of the carts on 96th Street; run an errand at CVS (where, no matter how hard I tried to get in and out quickly with only the necessities on my list, the kids would find something else that we just HAD to have, and so the wheedling would begin); play a few minutes at a playground; and look for letters and words they knew.  One of my favorite ways to do the latter was to stop by a residential garage that warned, in words painted on the sidewalk, "BEWARE: ACTIVE DRIVEWAY.  DO NOT PARK."  The nice thing about these large yellow letters is that they included all the necessary letters to spell both of my son's names as well as my own, so we all took turns hopping from one letter to the other, spelling out our names.  It was a fun, active way for them to learn the letters.

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