Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Dog in the City

Assuming that all goes well and our new puppy comes home on Saturday, here's what the guys should take to pick him up:
  • crate
  • towels
  • trash bags
  • paper towels
  • cleaning wipes
  • food
  • dish (in ziplock bag)
  • plenty of water (in re-usable water bottles)
  • collar/harness/leash/poop bags
  • toys
  • people snacks
  • hand wipes
Here are some questions for the breeder:
  • does the puppy already have a microchip?  How do we update the info?
  • health record - what shots has the puppy already received?
  • describe his schedule:
    • what time does he get up in the morning?
    • what time is breakfast?
    • when are his other meals?
    • what time does he go to bed at night?
  • Meals:
    • how much does he eat at each meal?
    • is the puppy chow mixed with water or dry?
    • recommendations for eliminating meals as he grows?
    • how do we know when (and how much) to increase the size of each meal as he grows?
  • do his parents or siblings have any allergies?  (we know dog allergies are increasing just like people's)
  • is there a word/phrase he already knows for "going potty"?
So as I posted before, we've all read a number of books on raising a dog; perhaps now we should tune into the new Dogs in the City show to make sure we know how to train our puppy well.

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