Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Questions for the Vet

KJ has his first appointment with the veterinarian today.  Here are some questions we will be asking:

Bathing / Grooming
  • How often should he be bathed?  How often is too often?
  • Will more frequent baths be effective in reducing dander/allergens?
  • What is recommended shampoo?  Are any of them more effective in reducing allergy issues?
  • What do you think about sprays/potions that are supposed to alleviate allergies?
  • Brush him every day? Any special kind of brush he needs?
  • Recommendations for brushing his teeth?
  • How do we clean his ears?
  • What other grooming tips? 
  • What is his schedule for shots?
  • When will he be safe to have contact with other dogs?
  • Are walks OK if we avoid close contact with other dogs and their excrement/pee?
  • Is it OK to wipe his paws and private parts with baby wipes after each walk?
  • Any other tips to avoid disease?
  • At what point do puppies really become trainable?  For example, I've heard that he can't really control his bladder until about 13 weeks, is this true?  And when should the real "sit, stay" etc. start?
  • When can we expect that he will sleep through the night?
  • He doesn't always like to walk (although maybe it is because we are so controlling - don't allow him to sniff or anything), is this something to be concerned about?  When do we really want to be insistent that he do what we want him to do (rather than just picking him up)?
  • Any suggestions for us that recognize limitations of a puppy, but prevent bad habits from developing?
  • He squats when he urinates
  • Currently 3 or 4 times per day, up to ¾ cup Purina Puppy Chow - is that too much or too little
  • When do we increase meal portion, and when decrease number of feedings?
  • He doesn't really seem "bribable" with food/treats - is this likely to change?
  • Does he appear to be a healthy pup? Any obvious medical issues?
  • Best guess on how big he will get?
  • When is best time to neuter him?
  • "Manliness"?
  • Can you insert the microchip?
  • Any recommendations on dog care and training (books/classes/trainers)?

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