Friday, September 28, 2012

Jenkins and His Friends

Many things have impressed me about dog ownership in the city, but perhaps more than anything else, I've been amazed by the reaction of people I meet while I'm walking him.  This is truly a city of dog lovers!

Jenkins is an adorable puppy.  Even now, at five months and approaching 30 pounds, with much of his babyness just a memory, he is undeniably cute.  It is rare that I take him out without someone asking about him, taking a picture of him, or fawning all over him.  For a while I wondered if this was common for all dogs, but recently I walked a neighbor's dog and got all the way around the bridle path in Central Park without a single comment.  So it is definitely Jenkins' teddy bear cuddliness that attracts the attention!

Of course he wouldn't have it any other way.  For a while, he was so used to the attention that if someone walked by and DIDN'T stop with a belly rub or other form of adoration, he would give them a surprised look.

One of the great things about having a city dog is the amount of canine socialization to which he has access.  When I was growing up, our suburban dogs never had so many dogs to play with!  Here is a list of dogs we encounter frequently:

Lucy lives down the hall with Ellen.  They play together often.  He adores her and cried today when she wasn't available for a playdate.

Brody - with owners Paula and Frank

Berry (short for Burberry) lives up the street with Ed and Julie.  She's a beautiful white Lab-looking dog (but is a fancier breed -- I can never remember the exact name) and plays wonderfully with Jenkins.  They are an even match and can wrestle and tussle happily for a long, long time.

Nash(ville) lives in our building and was playing with Jenkins when he lost his first tooth.  His dog walker, Catherine, and I looked for it together but never found it.  He's just a bit older than Jenkins and was recently neutered so they haven't played together, since he's been in recovery mode.

Dash also lives in our building.  He's not always friendly (but his owners are).

Cocoa seems to have some pitbull in her, but she is sweet and a lovely playmate for Jenkins.  She's slightly bigger, sturdier, and stronger, but she lets him have a fair shot.  When she takes a break, he licks her face to get her to play more.  She's one of his many 91st Street friends.

Midnight is a beautiful black lab and the so called "Queen of the Hill" at 91st Street.  She is good off-leash, which I hope Jenkins can achieve also. 

I don't know what kind of dog Mister is, but his is black and leggy and always ready to play.

Cookie is a poodle mix who lives up the street from us.  She is nervous and afraid of buses, but still sweet.

Max and big Otis are both goldendoodles with standard poodle in the mix.  I think Faye is a goldendoodle (owner is Victor), too, although she might be a Wheaten terrier, which has a similar look. 

Little Otis is a goldendoodle about Jenkins' size.  His owners told us about puppy play at Petco.

6/4/13 update:
Lucy is Jenkins' favorite, she's like the love of his life.  She lives down the hall, and they often play twice (or more) a day.  When he's in daycare, Lucy's owner, Ellen, takes Lucy to visit him, and vice versa.  They pine for each other.  They love to run together, but sometimes just being together is enough.  Jenkins will seemingly do anything for her - even give up his favorite toys for her.

Nash is like his brother or best friend.  They are rather evenly matched and wrestle and play tug of war wonderfully.

The 91st Street crowd has changed a bit.  Some new players:

  • Mookie (an older black lab who loves to chase balls but doesn't really interact w/other dogs) and her owner Kimberly. 
  • Buster, owned by Bob
  • Anubis, owned by Stephanie

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