Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Thinking about Thanksgiving

While I'm not sure yet where we will be this Thanksgiving, I am giving some thought to what I might serve if we are here in NYC.  I found some good ideas for a tasty menu at LHJ.

Other ideas:

Cheddar cheese, thin pear slices and crackers
Cashew nuts

Chardonnay/apple cider

Turkey (using the brown sugar glazed turkey recipe?)
Dressing -- both with and without sausage (also considered stuffing with apples and bacon)
(also considered Rustic garlic mashed potatoes or cheesy mashed potatoes
Cheddar-maple squash or yellow squash casserole or Southern succotash)
Baked yams with marshmallows (also considered roasted sweet potatoes w/sage and pecans or sweet potato-pecan casserole)
Zucchini/green grapes (also considered Glazed carrots with Pistachios)
(no cranberry sauce)

Perfect pumpkin pie (also considered pumpkin tart with pistachio crust)
Lemon curd tart
Apple pie

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