Friday, May 31, 2013

Lucy & Jenkins - Wag, Play, Love

I am thinking about writing about Lucy's and Jenkins' love story.  Here are a few ideas:
  • The way Jenkins used to take my glove and leave it in front of Lucy's door.  It was something special to him - well earned and possibly meaningful because it was mine - but she paid it no mind.
  • Jenkins is devoted to Lucy.  He lets her drink first from the water dish.  He lets her have her choice of balls when I throw 2 of them in the hall.  
  • Jenkins is a lover not a fighter.  She gets angry when he mounts her to get her attention and snarls at him.  He'll retreat for a moment, then go back to her and whisper into her ear until she forgives him.
  • Jenkins and Lucy were especially funny together today.  She snuck into my apt and found the dog toy K. and I call the "turducken" - it's sort of an odd mallard-type stuffed toy (that Petco labeled "The Migrator") that sounds like a duck quacking when you squeeze it.  It is really quite bizarre looking, but Jenkins loves it.  So much so, that he actually took it back from Lucy and then wouldn't let her have it for a really long time.  (But of course, finally she won him over with an especially sweet look and he devotedly laid it at her feet.)  
  • On a wet day, I rubbed Lucy dry with a small white towel.  The dogs then played tug-of-war a tiny bit (but that's not really a game that Lucy likes, so mostly Jenkins had it or Lucy had it, but not both).  For days later, Jenkins went back to the towel with affection, even lying on it, since it smelled like his Lucy.

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