Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Old Ugly Tennis Ball

During one of our walks today, J., our cute little puppy, found an old, disgusting tennis ball in a pile of leaves. So of course he was delighted and proudly brought it home (picture him strutting along happily, with his tail in the air).  Knowing where it came from, and imagining what it has been through, I didn't want him bringing it into our apartment.  But as it turned out, that wasn't a problem: we ran into his girlfriend and her owner in the lobby heading off to visit a friend for a few days and his galpal (of course) wanted the ball.  Jenkins didn't  give it to her right away (which I'm sure made her owner happy - I can't imagine she'd want the ball in her car anymore than I wanted it in our home).  So J. brought it upstairs and played with it a bit as we played our usual game of hallway chase, but then he left it in front of his girlfriend's door.  And he's done that every time we've come in for a walk since.  How funny is that?

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