Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lenox Golden Wreath China

I have always loved my mother's Lenox Golden Wreath china set. When I was growing up, we always used her "wheat" pattern for fancy meals and celebrations - it was more in keeping with her Danish modern sensibilities, I think - while the Lenox sat unused in the buffet. We used it twice that I can think of - two large anniversary parties that we kids threw for our parents, and then only because there wasn't enough of her "wheat" to serve the guests.

I've asked for the china several times: somewhat tentatively when I was married (but she insisted she used it herself - with a house full of china, glassware and such, she gave me exactly one thing: a silver bowl with a blue enamel interior, which I love, but always thought it was weird that she didn't want to give more of her abundance to a daughter setting up housekeeping for the first time); a bit bolder when she and my dad moved from the 18-room family home to a 2 bedroom condo seven years ago (but again, she wanted it for herself and also said that maybe my brother should have it one day); and outright last week as I tried to help her sort through clutter for yet another move to an assisted living facility (this time she said she was saving it to give to her only granddaughter, but I was insistent and said I'd pass it on to my niece when she wants it, which I will).

Unbeknownst to my mom, my awesome sister took pity on me and when she found a set of the coveted china in a local shop, she bought it and sent it to me (all beautifully packed in china storage cases).  So combining that set with the set I finally wrestled from my mom, here it what I own in the Lenox Golden Wreath pattern:

  • 19 dinner plates
  • 18 luncheon plates
  • 19 salad/dessert plates
  • 19 teacups and saucers
  • 1 teapot
  • 2 oval platters
  • 3 oval vegetable bowls
  • 1 gravy boat
  • 2 small fruit/dessert (sauce) bowls
I also have 2 tall Lenox vases and 2 round Lenox centerpiece/fruit bowls that I received as wedding/anniversary gifts. Since they are of the same color porcelain with a similar gold band, they are nice complementary pieces.

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