Sunday, December 15, 2013

Trying Something New in 2014

When I balked at the idea of updating the operating system for my iphone, my kids started to tease me about how I "fear change." And although I see myself as open to new things - I'm always eager to try new restaurants, new recipes, new vacation spots, new music, for example - I will have to admit that sometimes I can get stuck in a bit of a rut. So I am determined to shake things up a bit and try something new every day throughout 2014. Here are some ideas:
  1. try a different kind of workout (yoga--see January)
  2. wear a new outfit (wore a beautiful, bright new sweater and scarf in January)
  3. pretend I'm left-handed for the day (attempted this in January)
  4. go a full day without calling J my "Pumpkin" (attempted this in January)
  5. try a new form of social media (see January)
  6. listen to new music (see January)
  7. try a kind of food I've never had before (see January)
  8. sign up for an e-course (see January)
  9. comment on a blog (see January)
  10. learn something new (learned about Bitcoin in January)
  11. say something nice/complementary to everyone I see that day (see February)
  12. see all 9 of the Oscar-nominated movies for best picture before the Academy Awards show on 3/2 (see March)
  13. walk the dog on a new route (see March)
  14. discover and use a new word (see March)
  15. stand up straight (tried in March)
  16. see new art (see March and May)
  17. get a different kind of haircut (see May)
  18. mix multiple patterns in one outfit (see June)
  19. don't interrupt (see June)
  20. take a new class (I'm a big fan of learning something new: tried a yoga class and an online writing class in January; took two Skillshare classes on creativity in August)
  21. learn to shoot (shot a 9 mm handgun in June which is enough to convince me that shooting is not for me)
  22. begin to learn a new language (took lessons in Italian on Duolingo for three days in June)
  23. cook a new recipe (I've done this quite a bit: chicken hash, roast pork with apples, and pizza from scratch two ways in January; Thai chicken and rice and salad Nicoise in February; chicken with pineapple salsa in May; sweet and sour pork in July)
  24. be vegan for a day
  25. get a tattoo (maybe a unicorn?)
  26. attempt kickboxing
  27. try another martial art
  28. take dancing lessons
  29. draft children's book
  30. consume liquids only
  31. take flowers to the woman who gives treats to all the neighborhood dogs
  32. employ these five rules for success  
  33. submit a short story to a contest and/or the Kenyon Review
  34. establish a new beauty routine
  35. have hair colored a new color (and/or try something like the color at  
  36. read a new author
  37. try writing in a new genre
  38. find something completely different
  39. get new job
  40. develop a new style
  41. travel to a new place
  42. get involved with a new technology
  43. make a new friend
  44. help a different charity
  45. create a new joke
  46. play a new game
  47. cultivate a new talent
  48. try the new 5/2 diet - eat a regular way for 5 days; reduced calories for 2
  49. wear all color - no neutrals
  50. go camping
  51. try a hot air balloon ride
  52. work in soup kitchen
  53. be silent
  54. try a new spice
  55. sample a different culture
  56. try skype
  57. sing at a karaoke bar
  58. get legs waxed (perhaps before our Dec cruise? need to let hair grow for about 2 weeks before)
  59. read a graphic novel
  60. self-publish a book
  61. make a good-for-you, gluten-free brownie
  62. go to 6 Flags
  63. Hire Task Rabbit. to fix toilet roll.
  64. write a note to someone I admire
Not sure if I"ll make it part of this blog or do a separate blog. And maybe there is a book here, somewhere?

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