Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spring 2014 Fashion Trends

I always like to see what the fashion editors anoint as the trends of the season and think about how I will (or not) fit them into my wardrobe. Here's my thinking about what's hot for this spring:
  1. Pretty pastels (which Glamour lists as a top pick for "wearable fashion"). For the most part, these aren't for me. While I can see how fresh these colors look on young models, I think they are somewhat aging on me. I've owned light pink and light blue jackets and sweaters in the past and they just aren't as flattering as jewel-tones. Still, I have a light pink clutch, and an embellished blush top that I'll try to make the most of.
  2. Boxy, cropped jackets and tops. A big trend that's really not for me.
  3. Contrast color button-down (see examples at HuffPost). I should be excited that this classic has hit the it list. But I wouldn't be wearing this shirt the way it's styled on the runway, so perhaps it isn't worth it to get one--I'm not sure that anyone would see it as on-trend on me, but rather part of my usual preppy self.
  4. Wide-leg trousers (on Glamour's list; Elle likes them in white). Of course just as I was getting into skinnies, these come back. But I'm short and a bit squat so I'm not investing in these. I still own a few wider styles and will keep them a bit longer, but that's it.
  5. Bomber jackets (on everyone's list). Nope.
  6. Tea-length dresses/skirts. I'm short and this length can look dowdy on me, plus I'll be overwhelmed by some of the full skirts out there. So I'll be sticking to knee-length for now.
  7. Athletic-striped trousers (see Glamour). I'm not sure I can pull this off as anything other than a look for the gym.
  8. Shift blouse (HuffPost has a good description). I probably have a number of tops that fall into this category, although boxy isn't always a good look for me.
  9. Collarless coat (Glamour's got good pix of this trend). I like this style for a spring coat - and thankfully have a great black and white one (see #11) that fits the bill.
  10. Sheer details and mesh (see InStyle). I've got two black tops with sheer panels at the yoke - that's about it for me, although I like the skirts with discreet stripes of sheerness.
  11. Black and white. Elle likes crisply contrasting graphics; InStyle likes color-blocking -- I like it all! I've already got black/white patterned pants, and color-blocking in both a skirt and a top, and I'll definitely be on the lookout for mixing up my other black and white pieces.
  12. Fringe. Love it! But for me, it will be only in small doses, like in a necklace or other accessory.
  13. Embellished details (see Elle): I only have a few spring/summer pieces with sparkling embellishments (a sweater, a blush shell) but I'll make a point to wear them this season.
  14. Floral prints. Love this trend--and I've got a new dress with a watercolor floral print, a bright abstract floral print, plus both a dress and a skirt with flowers on a black background.
  15. Gingham (Elle, among others, is a fan). I bought a Talbots turquoise/white gingham dress on sale last summer, never dreaming that it would be a trend now--how lucky!
  16. Culottes. Umm, that's a no. Been there, tried that, and it just didn't work.
  17. Mules (see Elle). File this under "so out they're in again" (but yes, I still have a neutral pointed-toe pair from the last time around that is a bit uncomfortable but too cute not to keep!).
  18. Pleats (Elle). I've got to be careful with this: several years ago I had exactly the kind of dress they are pushing and it looked extremely matronly on me. I can imagine box pleats on a knee-length skirt or pleated accessories (I've got two great pleated scarves), but not the long, all-over crystal pleats the magazines are showing on long skirts.
  19. Iridescence (recommended by InStyle). Not sure I'm going for this. Easy for it to look cheap, and I'm not sure it's a trend with legs.
  20. Luxe sweatshirts. I saw these everywhere and if it was the right one--perhaps with cut outs or a snazzy print (but not a front-only graphic), I might be tempted. But I'm somewhat fearful that it will look sloppy rather than chic on me.
I've done this every fall for the last few years: Fall 2013, Fall 2012, and Fall 2011.

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