Saturday, June 28, 2014

My Fashion Dos and Don'ts

Most of these are based on years of reading articles and watching "What Not to Wear" for tips about looking slimmer:

  1. DO wear shoes with pointy toes (square-toe styles with a thick, chunky heal make legs look shorter and thicker).
  2. DO wear bootcut or straight-leg pants; DON'T wear tapered-leg or cigarette pants.
  3. DO wear skirts/dresses that hover around the knee; DON'T wear micro-minis or calf-length styles.
  4. DO wear dark denim; don't wear light-wash jeans.
  5. DO wear v-neck styles rather than boat neck or crew necks.
  6. DO embrace shapewear.
  7. DO stick with one color from top to bottom (contrasts between your upper and lower body draw the eye to your middle).
  8. DO wear single-breasted and shawl collar jackets; DON'T wear double-breasted and mandarin collar jackets.
  9. DO wear thin knits; DON'T wear bulky knits.
  10. DO tailor clothes so they fit perfectly; DON'T wear clothes that are too tight or oversized.
  11. DO use necklaces and earrings to bring attention to your face.
  12. DO use bracelets and rings to bring attention to your wrists instead of your upper arms.
  13. DO match your shoe color to your leg (nude to go with bare legs in summer; black to go with black tights in winter).
  14. DON'T wear embellished back pockets on your jeans if you don't want to emphasize your booty.
  15. DON'T wear cropped pants - they make short people look even shorter.
  16. DO wear hair up and off your face, lightly teasing the crown to make your face look thinner.

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