Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Trying Something New - July

Here is my list of new things for July:
  1. Trade in electronics with Amazon. Started small with a camera that I bought as a gift and then waited too long to return. It worked out great! Now will search through the house for lots more to sell.
  2. Hire West Elm painters for kids' rooms. I've been searching for the right folks at the right price. Fingers crossed that these are the ones!
  3. Meet someone who makes moonshine. He appeared more hipster than hillbilly - maybe this is the natural progression of the artisan food movement?
  4. See a Mets victory and fireworks at Citifield. It can be tough to be a Mets fan; tonight made it easier.
  5. Say goodbye to E&L for the rest of the summer. They won't be back until Labor Day; perhaps J and I will go to CC to see them!
  6. Send both boys to sleep-away camp. Amazingly, although both boys have been to sleep-away camp before, they've never both gone at the same time. Is this what it will feel like when they leave the nest for good?
  7. Wear a straw fedora just because. I've worn hats to the beach, to go running, to hide my shingles scars, and of course in cold weather, but today, on a lark, I wore one just to be stylish and, surprisingly, got several compliments!
  8. Buy a pound of fresh lychee fruit. I've eaten them in restaurants and from cans, but have never bought and peeled lychee before. They're fun and tasty (and J likes them, too).
  9. See the new Yes in concert at Radio City Music Hall. We saw them in September 2001 (yes, just a few days before 9/11) when Jon Anderson was still lead singer. This time around, Jon Davison is in that role. Still a great show!
  10. Attend a WCNY event. In the past, I might have passed on an event like this one (featuring entrepreneur/angel investor David Rose) since it isn't immediately relevant to what I'm working toward, but it turned out to be interesting - and I ran into an old friend (small world!).
  11. Polished the kitchen floor. Not as amazing a transformation as I had hoped.
  12. Host niece and nephew for dinner. We've had them over for many larger family gatherings - this was couples only.
  13. Attend church service in the undercroft. Services are being held downstairs for a few months while the roof is being repaired. 
  14. Enjoy drinks at the revitalized Regency Bar & Grill. Lovely space, great company, two Last Word cocktails and a Gold Rush, plus a glimpse of Ivanka Trump.
  15. Read the latest from J.K. Rowling. She released a Harry Potter update about the Quidditch World Cup in time to take advantage of the hoopla about the Germany/Argentina final in soccer's World Cup. Not as amazing as I had hoped, but still a fun read.
  16. Check out the Writing Room. Loved the friendly staff (an improvement over Elaine's IMHO), the food, and the themed-decor.
  17. Think about a family mission statement. 
  18. Hang out at the Nautical Mile.
  19. Drink a blueberry martini.
  20. Take B to brunch.
  21. Take a car trip with J by myself.
  22. Replace all AC filters.
  23. Reorganize K's room in advance of painters.
  24. Buy shoe clips.
  25. Have dinner at Bacchanal.
  26. Enter the online lottery for King Lear tickets. Starring John Lithgow and Annette Bening and directed by Tony winner Daniel Sullivan, this production from the Public Theater is being touted as THE alfresco event of the summer. Not sure I am up for standing in line for hours, but I'm excited to give this online lottery a whirl and can try again each day (except Mondays) through Aug. 17.
  27. Give furniture to recent college grad.
  28. Go crazy for a British a cappella group.
  29. Reorganize B's room after painters.
  30. Host a Skarknado event.
  31. Make sweet and sour pork.
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