Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fall Fashion Trends 2014

Each season, I like to see what various style sources have declared is in fashion and consider how these trends might work for me.

Here is the list according to Popsugar:
  • Superslits (probably not for me, although I do like a demure slit or the bit of leg revealed by a wrap dress) 
  • Everyday Leather (although I agree with the idea that leather is now a mainstream fabric, buying  and caring for it is too costly for me to consider the shirts, dresses, etc shown this season - plus I really don't think they are all that attractive)
  • Pinstripes (pinstripes with a bit of pizzazz? love it!) 
  • Fur Accents (time to bring back my fur-trimmed cardigan and coat)
  • Pretty in Pastel (I'm not sure that I like pastels for me in any season)
  • Ladylike Leopard (a classic that I embrace with jackets, skirts, accessories!)
  • Runway Jewels (love that sparkle and the fact that I've already got 2 shirts and a tee that are right on trend!)
  • Out-of-Season Blooms (gotta be wary of flower prints that are too big or matronly, but otherwise I like them)
  • Mod Squad (not sure that these looks will ever flatter me, as fun as they are)
  • All-in-One (monochromatic looks are always slimming so sign me up!) 
StyleWatch's list:
  • Plaid (maybe for accessories like pointy pumps or a clutch, but much of the rest is too "grung-y" for me)
  • Chunky knits (I prefer thin knits to keep me looking sleek and streamlined, but can see the appeal in textured sweaters, so I wouldn't mind acquiring one or two)
  • Bold colors (love!)
  • Cutout heels (most of the shoes shown are sky-high and so not really for me but I do like the look)
  • Dark florals (absolutely, but only in a modern cut lest they make me look dowdy)
  • Robe coats (not really great on petites, plus I don't need a new coat this year)
  • Lug sole booties (yes, I'm looking for great looking boots that I can really walk in)
  • Boxy bags (some of the classic bags I own probably fit this bill well enough - note that I'm not at all interested in the mini handbag trend - I'm a New Yorker and need to carry stuff!)
  • Shift dresses (love, but must be careful that they aren't too boxy)
  • Statement earrings (yes! I'm even willing to try the one-ear trick)
  • Anything emerald (looking forward to wearing my new green suede pumps)
  • T-strap heels (hmmm like the look but I fear the ankle strap will make me look shorter)
  • Oxford shoes (I'll be on the lookout for a pair!)
  • Statement extras (this trend is a little young for me)
  • Cuff rings (sure)
  • Shearling bags and shoes (no - not worth the investment to me and knockoffs are likely to look cheap)
  • Slouch pants (no)
  • Fall pastels (no, except maybe lavender with grey)
  • Over-the-knee boots (alas, no)
  • Printed motos (fun!)
  • Feathers (more fun, although probably for accessories only)
  • Block heels (maybe...)
  • Gunmetal jewelry (why not?)
  • Convertible bags (I have 2 already)
  • Exotic snake print (maybe)
  • Funnel neck tops (don't really like the way I look in these)
  • Creepers (don't like these clunky, thick-soled shoes)
  • Buffalo check (no)
Trends from InStyle:
  • Animal prints in a neutral palette (yes)
  • Sensible tailored clothes (always!)
  • The color green (here and there)
  • Sweater dressing (probably not to the extent shown)
  • Nature-inspired prints (love these fanciful pieces, but not sure they fit my lifestyle)
  • Fuzzy coats and fur-trimmed parkas (don't want to add too much bulk)
  • Graphic prints (love the look!)
  • Boy-ish flats (brogues and such, maybe)
  • Oversize blazers (too 80s redux for me)
  • Patterned knits (yes!)
  • Mini skirts (no -I'm too old)
  • Long skirts (no)
  • Sporty pants (no)

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