Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Trying Something New - October

I'm getting toward the end of my year of new things
  1. Buy an ear cuff. Got it; now gotta wear it (my kids think I'm ridiculous).
  2. Attend mom breakfast. Happily accepted spur-of-the-moment invitation; in past might have been too shy.
  3. Get YS's approval. Although it felt odd to have him approve an essay I wrote, it was good to hear his opinion.
  4. Don't wimp out. Leave home for a party after 10:30 pm? Haven't done that since the kids were born--usually if we got home that late from another commitment, I would have called it a night. But saw old friends at another friend's 50th b-day party (small world) so it was well worth it.
  5. Help OS with National Merit Scholarship app. 
  6. Complete YS's HS apps. One step closer to an empty nest.
  7. Listen to David Guetta's "Dangerous." Ok, I admit I looped it for a couple of hours!
  8. Get up early to see the "blood moon." The fun starts at 5:15 am but there should still be plenty to see even by 6 (or I can watch online on the NASA or SLOOH site).
  9. Try Chia Pods. Chia seeds are hot but (as with kale), I can't say I'm in a hurry to jump on the bandwagon. Filling yes, but the texture is odd, like tapioca pudding (which I am also not a big fan of). Nifty packaging, though.
  10. Reach out to old acquaintance. There are a number of people I've met here and there who I wish I had gotten to know better, but my shyness or other circumstances at the time interceded. Time now to try again.
  11. Try Carnival Squash. Not all that different from acorn squash. And I'm not sure I agree that the skin is soft enough that I would want to eat it.
  12. Run the Staten Island Half-Marathon. My third of the five-borough runs.
  13. Start a MoMa class on Jackson Pollock. Great example of online learning with lectures, video, audio, pictures, text and discussion.
  14. Learn about the newly open and free Skillshare. More free classes to take - and may teach?
  15. Wear my new ear cuff. Surprisingly comfortable. Perhaps a toe ring next?
  16. Nothing new?
  17. Get serious about Chanel. Owning something Chanel has long been on my bucket list. But since even most second-hand bags cost many thousands of dollars, this is not a purchase I can make on a whim. My current thinking is to keep an eye on clothing and accessories at online discount sites and local consignment shops to see what I can find within my budget. And it goes without saying that I'll have to save up for this splurge.
  18. Have dinner at Ristorante Morini; dessert at Maison Keyser (and then watch Gone Girl). Always great to try new places to eat!
  19. Try service that delivers Chipotle.
  20. Accompany YS to first HS interview.
  21. Go vegan. Originally I was going to do it for an entire day, but after my first vegan meal--lunch today, which I had intended to just be a warm-up--I think I'm done.
  22. Nothing new?
  23. Make a bison stir-fry. Bison is quite lean and the family found it somewhat tasteless. But l liked it.
  24. Walk YS portfolio over to Beacon. And on the way home I stopped and had an ice cream cone (chocolate dip!) from Mister Softee. I haven't done that in a while--so fun!
  25. Sample the offerings of the new food court at the World Financial Center. Had also planned to drive YS out to his game in Queens, but his exam ran into overtime and the game was over by the time he was done.
  26. Try the Healthylicious salad at Effy's. I especially liked the addition of sweet potato; it reminded me of the pumpkin chunks in salads in Australia.
  27. Start a week of dinners with home-made hummus on the menu. Not sure why I never did this before: with a food processor, making hummus couldn't be easier.
  28. Make a hummus variation: salad dressing. Thinned out the classic hummus with oil and vinegar and used it to top a Greek-like salad. I liked it, but no one else did.
  29. Use black-eyed peas to make another hummus variation. Spiced it up with cayenne pepper, too. DH's favorite of all the variations.
  30. Make hummus variation #3 using white beans and cinnamon/cardamon. Not sure that anyone really liked this one all that much (and I think our digestive systems need a break from all the beans). Also cleaned the dryer's condenser (that's a first for sure!).
  31. Dress up our doodle for Halloween. He wore a skeleton costume. So cute!
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