Friday, November 14, 2014

Drunk on One Glass of Wine? Really?

I've never had a huge tolerance for liquor. For much of my adult life, the first drink would serve as a social lubricant, the second would make me happily tipsy, and I generally stuck to my rule of stopping after my third. So it has taken me by surprise in the last couple of years as I've come to realize that my tolerance has declined even more. I've had at least two occasions where what would have been a bit of over-indulgence has totally set me back for the better part of the next day, reminiscent of the time I drank grain-alcohol punch at a party in college and lost a whole weekend.

I began to notice that having two glasses of wine with dinner plus a bit of Bailey's with dessert was a recipe for a vicious hangover. So I cut back, limiting myself to two drinks. But still I found myself falling asleep (passing out, really) after dinner and paying the price the next day, so I've cut back even more.

Apparently, the sad truth is that according to a report from ABC News, "For postmenopausal women, the changes in estrogen levels significantly slow alcohol metabolism." (It hardly seems fair--just when we need a drink the most, we can't abide as much.) At any rate, I do feel a little better knowing it isn't just me--that this is a real medical issue. But it is also making me pay attention to articles like these:

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