Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Trying Something New - November

Only two more months of this challenge to do one "new thing" every day!
  1. Skip Yorkville homecoming. For some reason, this year seems to be our worst year yet for game conflicts with our two players. It feels weird enough to be less involved in the goings on at Yorkville; it feels positively impossible that I won't be a part of homecoming. On the positive side, I asked for--and cheerfully received--a ride from another parent to OS's game and that felt good.
  2. Speak up. One of my missions with this project has been to force myself out of my comfort zone. I am shy by nature and often it seems ok to just let things go (even if I am seething inside). So today at a west side bagel shop I spoke up both when someone cut in line in front of me and when my order wasn't completed correctly. And then enjoyed a lovely conversation with a sweet elderly couple.
  3. Order a book on conflict resolution. How-to books have been hugely helpful in other aspects of my life: learning how to write a resume, for example; and what would I have done without cookbooks with step-by-step instructions? So maybe a good guide can help me repair the deeply damaged relationship between my DH and my OS.
  4. Invent a new dish: bacon-wrapped chicken breasts. Didn't turn out as crispy as I would have liked. Maybe needs time under the broiler?
  5. Help out as an experienced parent at OS's school. For four years I have felt like the new kid on the block since so many families have been there since kindergarten, so it was fun to be invited to show prospective parents around. (Bonus: getting to see my OS as the leader and all-around wonderful kid he is.)
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  8. Attend OS's last football game. Of course I vividly remember his first--a flag football game--which both seems like yesterday and a lifetime ago.
  9. Attend OS's last football banquet. 
  10. Learn a new word: juke.
  11. ?
  12. Go networking with a friend. I've read the advice to do so; how nice to be invited!
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  17. Make macaroons. Turns out they're wicked easy!
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  22. Spend a day in NYC with my sister; just the two of us. We visited the Frick, shopped (good buys at Bendel's), window shopped, had lunch, walked almost the length of Manhattan, and warmed up with hot toddies at the W Hotel.
  23. Try rambutan. Very similar to lychee, although perhaps bigger, harder to peel, rarer and considerably more expensive.
  24. Order hot tea at an Indian restaurant. Delicious! I think it was made with coconut milk.
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  27. Serve a precooked turkey for Thanksgiving. Lazy? Maybe! But so easy and delicious!
  28. ?
  29. Jump on post-Black Friday/pre-Cyber Monday online sales. Lucky me--I scored a ring I've been eying  at 80% off!
  30. ?
This was my worst month yet for recording my new things each day. Did I actually do more new things? Maybe!! (And maybe not; who knows?) At any rate, you can see what other new things I've tried this year by clicking on my lists from JanuaryFebruary, MarchApril, May, JuneJulyAugustSeptember and October.

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