Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Trying Something New - December

I didn't do so well in achieving my goal of one new thing every day in November. But this is it--my last chance to make these new things meaningful and real additions to my life. So here is my plan for December:
  1. Kick off a month of wearing red every day. I'm hopeful that the red habit will not only serve as a harbinger of the holidays to come, but as a reminder to try my new thing every day.
  2. Sign up to host a GroupMuse concert. Sofar is a similar service.
  3. Buy some saffron. The Barefoot Contessa raves about it, so when I saw a special on FreshDirect, I knew it was time to try it.
  4. Get a henna tattoo. For a while I was thinking I'd get a permanent, inked tattoo (perhaps a unicorn?) but thinking about the possible ramifications (e.g. hepatitis) made me decide to go a safer route.
  5. Write a VERY short story. Only 40 words!
  6. Watch a girl wrestle. I loved it the year a girl turned out to be a star player on my YS's football team and when a girl pitched for the JV team at my OS's school. And so I was equally excited to see three girls at my OS's wrestling tournament today--especially since one of them won her weight class!
  7. Get a pair of polarized sunglasses. I usually don't buy myself expensive eyewear. I once owned a pair of Serengeti sunglasses but sadly it wasn't long before I scratched them up too much to wear. For a long time that prevented me from investing in another high-end pair. But once I saw the difference that polarized lenses made, I knew I had to have them... so bought a pair of Oakley's today.
  8. Join the Alliance of Independent Authors list. Not only do I want to get serious about my writing, but I want to get serious about publishing it, possibly as an indie author.
  9. Try to make a purchase on ThreadFlip. I've been trying to sell my extra stuff this year and have tried a number of different clothing resale sites. Suffice it to say that this site just didn't work for me at all.
  10. Begin to binge-watch a season of American Horror Story on Netflix. I've done by share of overdosing on specific shows as I catch up with old seasons of new favorites (e.g. watching tons of Lost several years ago, or more recently DVR'ing oodles of Modern Family), but today I got a taste of how compelling it is to do on Netflix, with no commercials and one episode flowing seamlessly into the next.
  11. Make a recovery plan. I'm determined not to repeat the mistakes I made with my OS's last concussion, so I developed a detailed plan for his return to school. Amazingly, he bought into it!
  12. GR?
  13. Try fried pickles. Also nouveau Caesar salad with braised half of a head of romaine lettuce at the Penn Club.
  14. Delegate brunch. I admit that I like to have things just so when I host a party and so often get a little stressed running around to get things done. Those days are over. YS did a spectacular job with the Christmas decorations and cooking the entree, making the whole event easy-peasy for me. 
  15. Keep it hot. I'm used to finding ways to keep food cold, but today's challenge was to keep a quiche hot for 45 minutes as I transported it to a potluck. Taking it out of the oven moments before leaving, wrapping it in aluminum foil and then in a towel I had warmed up in the dryer, and finally putting the whole shebang in an insulated carrier did the trick.
  16. x
  17. x
  18. x
  19. x
  20. Draft intro to letters manuscript.
  21. Depart on cruise from New Orleans.
  22. Wear a toe ring.
  23. Try paddle boarding
  24. See Belize.
  25. Visit Honduras.
  26. Explore the Chacchoben Mayan ruins.
  27. x
  28. Complete draft of children's book.
  29. Follow up on martial arts certificate.
  30. Follow up on dance certificate
  31. Complete WWII letter manuscript.
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