Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fashion Trends, Fall 2015

From People StyleWatch:
  1. Metallic eye shadow.
  2. A-line skirts.
  3. Flare-leg pants.
  4. Brooches.
  5. Comfy ladylike loafers (with low, chunky heels).
  6. Red lipstick.
  7. Boxy bags.
  8. Knits with shimmery threads.
  9. Victoria blouses.
  10. Color blocked extras.
  1. '70s Boho (flares, fringe, suede, shaggy fur, embroidery, patchwork, peasant
  2. Minimalist (pared-down silhouettes, very little detailing, architectural shapes)
  3. Mod (A-line minis, graphic patterns, shiny fabrics)
  4. Glam Goth
  5. Pretty and Polished (feminine details, Victorian blouses)
  6. Geek Chic (turtlenecks, mustard and other earthy colors)
From Teri Agins in the WSJ:
  1. Athletic leisurewear is the current rage. You can find track pants that gather at the ankle, zip-front knit jackets and raglan-sleeve tops for under $50 every where from Target to Uniqlo.
  2. Look for fit-and-flare A-line dresses, wide-legged high-waist jeans and jump suits. Check out Zara and H&M, as well as the many affordable brands at stores like Macy’s and other private-label chains.
  3. Trendy high-top sneakers. Search trendy budget labels Steve Madden, Nine West and Aldo.
WSJ Magazine
  1. Pleated, wide-legged pants
  2. Blouses with bows, poet's sleeves
  3. Wide culottes
  4. Car wash pleated skirts
  5. Cable-knit sweaters
  6. Crimson coats
Favorites from LuckyShops:
  1. Bling
  2. Lady loafers (block heels)
  3. Carwash pleats
  4. Black boots
  5. Flounce hems
  6. Furry footwear
  7. Fur cuffs
  8. Long gloves
  9. Monochromatic grey
  10. High-waist pants
  11. One-sleeve tops/dresses
  12. Red plaid
  13. The skinny scarf
  14. Over-the-knee boots
  15. Tights, plain and patterned
  16. Nouveau Victorian
From Popsugar:
  1. Structured saddlebag
  2. Flared denim
  3. Over-the-knee boots
  4. A-line suede skirt
  5. Bow-tie blouse
  6. High-waisted trousers
  7. Ankle boot
  8. Car-wash skirt
  9. Long-sleeved midi dress
  10. Statement-making coat (preferably with stripes)
From Glamour:
  1. Double-breasted jackets and wide-leg trousers
  2. Metallic
  3. Pale pink
  4. Bomber jackets
  5. Flares
  6. The '70s
  7. Burgundy
  8. Green
  9. Jumpsuits
  10. Bright faux fur
Another Fall/Winter 2015 list from the Editorialist.

And a peek at Spring 2016 from PopSugar and again here.

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