Sunday, April 17, 2016

Songs for Samantha

At one time, when cassette tapes and CDs were the primary way of listening to recorded music, creating mix tapes to share or to gift was the way that many of us played DJ, created a special playlist, or shared songs with someone special. During this period, my awesome niece Samantha was born and I created this lullaby list for her (and actually had to create a hard copy of it instead of just emailing a Spotify link) with program notes:

1. Gershwin: Summertime (Sarah Vaughan)
A classic song with lyrics that make a perfect lullaby. Written by and performed by true masters of music.

2. Goodnight My Love (Sarah Vaughan)
Another gem.

3. Moonlight in Vermont (Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong)
Vermont holds a special place in your parents' hearts--they were married there and frequently return to visit. This song gives you a flavor of why they think it is such a special place.

4. Nature Boy (Natalie Cole)
The recording from which this selection was taken has been a huge success since it was released several years ago. We think you'll understand why.

5. Stephen Foster: Beautiful Dreamer
The title of this song is an indication of what we hope this tape will help you become.

6. Ludwig van Beethoven: Moonlight Sonata (Sonata No. 14 in C-Sharp)
While Beethoven didn't come up with the nickname for this composition, we believe it accurately describes the sonata's beautiful serenity.

7. Franz Schubert: Serenade
This should make you very soothed and relaxed.

8. Mozart: 2nd Movement from Clarinet Concerto in A
This is not a lullaby by any stretch of the imagination. Nevertheless, it was included because it is beautiful and is one of Aunt Vicky's favorite pieces of music in the entire world. Besides, it is never to early to learn to love Mozart.

9. Katrina's Dance (Rippingtons)
This type of music is called Progressive or Fusion. We've become addicted to it. Kind of fun, isn't it?

10. Holy Lamb (Yes)
Well, we had to include something we could call rock!

11. Mercy Street (Peter Gabriel)
This might be classified as rock, too.

12. Summertime (Peter Gabriel)
An update of the classic you heard earlier--need we say more?

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